Implementation Management

Our Project Management services are offered to ensure that your new systems are being installed properly, as designed. This assures that all plans, specifications, local and national codes are being followed. Regular progress reports will be issued to inform the client of scheduling and contract compliance. When preferred, we will coordinate with an outside installer to perform the technology system installation services.

We oversee all phases of the installation process for each of the technology systems. From the initial rough in of the cabling system to the installation and testing of the last piece of equipment, our consultants oversee the entire process. We work closely with all of the technology vendors to assure that all coordination efforts occur at the appropriate time intervals and that the project remains on schedule.

Throughout the installation and implementation process, we will serve as a technical representative for our client. In this capacity we will address contractor and vendor issues and questions pertaining to the technology portion of the project. We will keep the client informed of any issues regarding the technology system(s) that may require their input.

Beginning with our client’s vision… Vertex helps plan technology budgets, define technology systems, provide technology design, document our design, manage implementation and verify that the technology works as planned on opening day.